Online Private Coaching


Dancer Flexibility

This class introduces you flexibility practices for dance. You are challenged to push your active flexibility to the maximum, and you will be introduced to contortion techniques, beautiful shapes and dynamic movement sequences. This class not only teaches you the way to become more flexible, but also how to use your flexibility in a motion, and how to discover and display your own physical advantage in dance.

Keywords: Contortion, Active flexibility, backbend, splits, chest stan

Solo $40 / Duet $50

Restorative Deep Stretch

A creative workout session dedicated to achieve mental and physical strengthening and healing through flexibility training. This is a fusion of movement practices including dance, gymnastics, yoga and acrobatics. My teaching emphasises the internal experience of individual bodies: each movement is a conversation between your mind and body, rather than a conclusion of “I am or am not flexible.” In other words, this workshop is meant to be enjoyed.

Keywords: Healing, Relaxation, Breathing, Meditation.

Solo $40/ Duet $50

Pole Dance : Flows and Tricks

One great thing about Poledancing, is that there are many ways to approach it. Private coaching will help you figure out your strength and weaknesses, your personal style of expression, and help you develop skills to achieve your ideal dancer self!

Types of pole classes:

  • Sensual Low Flow:  Ground Work
  • Spin Flow:  Flying Combos
  • Tricks:  Technique drills
  • Choreography:  Dance routines

Solo: $60/ Duet: $70

Exotic Floorwork

This class focus on building your vocabulary of exotic movement on the floor. The class exercises incorporates practices from a variety of dance genre including Modern, Jazz, Hiphop. You will learn transitions, tricks and techniques to enhance the fluidity of your dance, and to refine the quality of your movement. You will be introduced to flow combos to explore and express your female sensuality within. Heels are encouraged but optional.

Keywords:  Legworks, Shoulder rolls, Floor jade, Heels

Solo $50 / Duet $60

Chair Dance and Striptease

This class is all about the art of seduction. You will learn a choreography using objects like clothing, wall, chair, etc. Taking the idea of burlesque to a contemporary context. Sexy outfit encouraged!

Keywords: Burlesque, Sexy, Exotic, Heels, Striptease, Lap dance

Solo $50/ Duet $60