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A journey to the wild side...
A sensual movement workshop...

This workshop is a fun and creative process in which you will explore and showcase the sensuality and femininity. It is all about the art of seduction, and prop handling. You will be using objects like clothing, wall, chair, etc, in a choreography created to music that makes you feel powerful and sexy. We will build up your vocabulary for sensual exotic dancing, and getting you the tools to express the sensuality and beauty within; Incorporating movement techniques from a variety of movement genre including Modern, Jazz, Hiphop, a flow based warmup will be guided through. New combos will be introduced to you each class, with the goal of refining the quality and fluidity in your choreography and freestyle.


Zixotic Workshop Experience
    1. Learn a very sexy routine and perform it in front of a crowd in your own style.
    2. Stepping out of your comfort zone, make fun of the risks and challenges.
    3. Basic movement technique drills for warmup, to enhance coordinative ability.
    4. Athletic challenges to establish strength and core stability.
    5. Exercises for enhancing posture and physique.
    6. Instructor’s bad jokes, and poor counting skill, and occasional swearing.
  1. This is an open level workshop. In this workshop series,“open level” not only means that the class offers useful and usable material to students of all level, but also indicates your freedom to make the class as hard, or as easy, as you want to. 
  2. NEVER APOLOGISE in my class, NEVER EXPLAIN yourself or explain your mistakes. Carry confidence and professional stage presence at all time
  3. Respect and appreciate others, watch and learn from other people, offer encouragement, insult and disrespect towards other dancers is NOT ALLOWED in my class.
    1. Top garment to remove, one front open shirt or jacket
    2. Sexy under garment, and jewelries that makes you feel sexy.
    3. High heels are recommended but not required
      1. Water! Stay hydrated at all time.
      2. Storage in your phone for recording some badass videos.

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Next workshop:
August 7th 2022 Sunday 15:00

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Workshop Details

Duration: 80 minutes

Location: MD Dance Studio. Budapest, Semmelweis u. 1-3, 1052 2nd Floor


Please have your space ready at least 10 minutes before class start, finish changing at least 5 mins before class, we will begin ON TIME!