The ongoing pandemic has changed our life drastically, many of us has experienced a shift in our understandings of all aspects of our lives: the meaning of wellness, the relationship between our mind, heart and body, the balance between leisure and work. By hosting this workshop, I intend to lead you through a one hour movement experience that focuses on restoring our body and mind through stretching.

      Flexibility training is a practice of pain tolerance, but good practice should come with immense joy and relaxation. My teaching emphasises the internal experience of individual bodies: each movement is a conversation between your mind and body, rather than a conclusion of “I am or am not flexible.” In other words, this workshop is meant to be enjoyed. For every exercise, variations for different levels will be provided. You will have the opportunity to communicate with me, at the beginning of class, about any injury or physical concern you have, modifications will be offered to cater our physical differences. 

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    1. PAIN, but rewarded by rushes of dopamine 🙂
    2. Full body scanning and meditation exercises
    3. Flow based routines for enhancing coordinative ability and mind-body awareness.
    4. Athletic challenges to establish strength and core stability.
    5. Techniques for enhancing posture and physique.
    6. Instructor’s bad jokes, and poor counting skill, and occasional swearing.


    1. Water! Stay hydrated at all time.
    2. A mat or carpet for laying down.
    3. Yoga blocks are recommended but not necessary.


  1. This is an open level workshop. In this workshop series,“open level” not only means that the class offers useful and usable material to students of all level, but also indicates your freedom to make the class as hard, or as easy, as you want to. 
  2. For some people this class is a warm up for other activities, for some this is a “strategic exhaustion” for better sleep, and for others, it is dedicated gym zone, or a warm up to another workout session. Determine your objectives and choose the “most adequate” (rather than “the hardest” or “most visually appealing”) version of each exercise to achieve your best result.


Online class will take place on ZOOM

Duration: 50 mins

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12:00 PM EST (Eastern Time)

9:00 AM PST (Pacific Time)

18:00 PM CEST (Central European time)


Workshop takes place in Budapest, Hungary

Duration: 50 mins

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